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There never was a real good reason for us to fall in love.

We didn’t have a lot of money.

We were barely friends.

And our daddies were plain old working men.

I’m sure there’s no one out there thinking that we would get this far.

Sharing our lives together.

Taking chances on ourselves.

What the hell were we thinking?

Way Back When

© JD Carroll/Creative Ventures Music, Inc./ASCAP

Way Back When

we didn’t have clue.

We made mistakes together

and we learned a thing or two.

Way Back When

We pushed each other’s buttons

And helped each other through

Way Back When

 (not so long ago)

Way back When

 (not so long ago)

Way Back When

 (not so long ago at all)

Some will say we were just plain lucky and that may well be true.

But I’ve found that being lucky

Take a lot of work

And you’re always lucky if you’re working on your dreams.

When the road unrolled before us we were both unsure.

Should we speed up or slow it down?

Did we miss a turn?

No GPS to follow

Way back When

Hooking up with old friends, laughing at the past

  Singing some old favorite songs from the radio.

  Sure some hearts were broken,

       some dreams went unfulfilled.

  Still its better trying to drive the car

        than wondering if it goes.

A nostalgic look

at a long term


Way Back When