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East Farewell

The News

Don't You Wish

The Boarding House

Sweet Natalie

I Can Make You Smile

Angry Young Man

Traveling Salesmans Blues

Times to Remember, Times to Forget

Entre Acte

Welcome to the Real World

Slick Rick

Minority Male

A Public Transit Romance

Brand New Lover

You Taught Me How to Fall


A Couple of Lifetimes Ago

My Father's Son

Loved You Too Soon

Having Heard All This Before

Summer of My Life

Maybe Someday

My R is Up My A

The Trade

Ballad of He & She

On and On and On

See Her Again Tonight

I'm Lucky


Dirty Hotel

A Quite Remarkable Woman

Heard About Me

Loving Her More

Christmas 1914

That Simple Act of Kindness

No Angel

Scribbles in the Margins

Forever On My Mind

I Guess Ill Never Know

Made My Time

When I First Saw You

Dreamers Choice

Hard to Believe

C V Plus


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