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Do you ever think about me                  

 from that time so long ago?

All the singing and the laughing

 with the friends we used to know

  Do I ever cross your mind

  when you think of times long gone?

  Do you ever wonder how it all went so wrong?

Doesn't really matter

 and I don't really care.

I know we've both moved on

 and there's nothing left back there.

  But every now and then

  I have to turn around

  and take a look at what I lost to value what I've found.


The times that we trade are the pages of our book

Our stories and our songs we believe

The scribbles in the margins are the notes that we took

Of our heroes, our villains, our saviors and our thieves

If I by chance saw you

 I don't know what I'd say.

Maybe I'd just smile

 nod and walk away.

  but I would probably stop and hug

  ask you how you'd been

  what have you been up to and how we should stay in touch again.

We can say we're all grownup

 but we're still like little kids.

Act real tough and hide our fears

 just like we always did.

  But deep inside we can't deny

  a truth that oh so real

  sometimes it's best to not let on exactly how we feel.

Scribbles in the Margins

Lyrics & Music by JD Carroll

©J. D. Carroll

 Creative Ventures Music, Inc. ASCAP

Scribbles in the Margins