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I Guess I'll Never Know

© JD Carroll/Creative Ventures Music, Inc/ASCAP

Where did you go since I last saw you?

Where have you been for so long?

Last time we spoke you only talked of home

Where did you go?       

 I Guess I'll Never Know.

Orion left in early spring round midnight.

Guess he got a better gig on the other side.

Think I heard him say he'd be back again someday

on the radio.    

 I Guess I'll Never Know.

I'll pray for you, you pray for me.

I'll play that melody that you like.

This old guitar can sing like it did way back when

but I always thought I'd see you one more time.

Yes, I really thought I'd see you one more time.

Some questions will go unanswered.

Sometimes it’s best not to speculate.

Like that time we tried to fix your car

It just wouldn't go      

 I guess we'll never know.

There are times when we find trouble

And sometimes it just finds us.

Still we dance along the razor's edge like we won't get cut

Where did you stumble?        

 I Guess I'll Never Know.

Oh, I turned around and you were gone.

I never got the chance to say goodbye.

Just when it seemed you found a song to sing

your music stopped and I'm left to wonder why.

A sad tune written for a young friend who left us way too soon.  MP3 download & lyric sheet included.

I Guess I'll Never Know MP3