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©J. D. Carroll Creative Ventures Music ASCAP My Father’s Son
My Father's Son $0.75 MP3 - Download- Lyric and chord sheet included as well as a frameable picture/lyric page.  I wrote this as a tribute to my Dad.  It won an Honorable Mention in the 2006 Billboard Songwriting Contest.  A very nice tune

There’re some things that you’re born with,

Some things that you learn     

And some things you just don’t know how they got that way.

There’re some people that you meet  

And some you’re just thrown in with.

Some you will hang on to and some will drift away.

Then there’s the guy who was there from the start

            Talking sense when I had none.

 And even though sometimes we may have seemed world apart,

            I’ll always be proud to be My Father’s Son.

Playing catch together

Or standing by the ocean

Or talking on the porch in the setting summer sun.

He’ll take his time to teach me

But let me learn my own way

I’ll probably never understand all the things he’s done.


No one really knows

Exactly where they’re headed

Everyone hits unexpected curves in the road.

But knowing someone’s there,

Offering to guide you

Not forcing you to follow, just helping carry the load.

Chorus X 2 and end